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Listen to the Korg MicroX in decent quality stereo:

Yamaha MSP5A active nearfield monitors,

Behringer Truth B2031A active 2 way reference monitors,

Roland KC550 180W keyboard combo amp/speaker (x2)

Build great tracks with the MicroX and a multitrack recorder:

Korg 4-Track digital recorder,

ZOOM 8-Track portable digital recorder,

Fostex 8-track hard disk-based recorder


Korg MicroX Description

This diminuative but powerful synthesizer could be mistaken as a replacement for the very successful MicroKorg, but rather than a shrunken analogue synth, it is more a computer musicians mobile tool. It has 1100 sounds based on the H1 synthesis system from the Triton, including synths, dance, and what the Korg marketing blurb describes as 'unique ethnic timbres', powerful arpeggiators, USB connectivity, plugin editor for DAWs & standalone editor for PC & MAC. Usefully comes with a moulded case.

Size: 606 (W) x 226 (D) x 80 (H) mm; weight: 2.4 kg

Full specification of Korg MicroX

Marketing blurb for Korg MicroX

Korg MicroX reviews

Sound on Sound Dec. 2006 (£0.99)

Keyboard Magazine Jan. 2007

Korg MIcroX resources

Korg MicroX manual

Korg MicroX manual vol 2: parameter guide

Korg MicroX voice name list

Korg MicroX software

Plug-in editor software for PC (XP) & MAC

Alternatives to the Korg MicroX

Roland Juno-D, Roland Juno-G

MicroKorg, Korg X50,


Yamaha SO3SL, Yamaha MM6

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